jason Jason de Vries

Jason has been in the towing industry for over 13 years. In 2007, he decided to start his own towing company “Titan Towing”. Jason is an honest, hard working person who gets great satisfactionfrom helping others in need. Jason lives in Fort Saskatchewanwith his fiance Leanne and children Emma, Joshua and Maxom.


Don Gray

Don is Jason’s father in law to be. After helping Jason with his business plan,

he decided to join Jason as a partner in the business. Don has lived in Fort

Saskatchewan for over 35 years. He has and still is involved in many

organizations and volunteer groups within the community. He has a

wonderful wife Debbie and the proud papa of Emma, Josh and Maxom.

 Tell us a little about your business and how you started out.


Having worked for a towing company in Edmonton for over 7 years and truly loving what

I did, I wanted to take the next step, to have my own truck. I wanted to be an owner


to set my own direction but the company I worked for would not allow me. There

were many nights when I would go to my girlfriend Leanne’s house in Fort

Saskatchewan after my shift and Leanne’s father Don (aka “Papa”) would

just be getting home as well. We spent hours talking

about business ownership and he encouraged me to follow my dream. He helped me do

up a business plan and after researching the market, we discovered that Fort

Saskatchewan was in need of a towing company. I sold my Acura RSX that I worked

so hard for, took out a private loan and Papa dissolved some assets to purchase our first

tow truck. The dream was coming together.

I remember the first couple of weeks in May, 2007, pacing in Leanne’s parents’

backyard, mowing their lawn twice a day and washing trucks at night. It was a very

stressful time as I went from working 2 full time jobs to waiting for the company phone

to ring. The 1st call I received was from Fountain Tire in Fort Saskatchewan where I was

to go out to the Shell Scotford plant and tow a truck back to them. While hooking up to

the truck, a hydraulic line burst, leaving a pool of fluid on the plant site and I was unable

to tow the truck back. So began our life in the business of towing.

Within 3 months, we were in need of a second tow truck and a driver. We purchased a

flat bed and hired our very first employee. Papa and Leanne did the company books from

home. By December that year, we were so busy that we purchased another flat bed and

hired our 2nd employee Stefan, who has been with Titan ever since. Now, 5 years later,

we have a medium duty wrecker, 5 flat beds, 3 one ton wreckers, 2 service trucks and

a battery express truck.

Our team consistes of 10 hard working and diligent tow operators and 1 dedicated

daytime dispatcher.


Trucking has been in my blood from the time I was 6 years old and “borrowed” the

corn-binder (International) highway tractor and 40 foot high-boy bale trailer for a

spin around the farm yard. That summer, I learned how to make grain on the run

and to back the truck up to the auger.

Since that time, (50 years) I have driven a huge variety of trucks and hauled

everything from groceries to bulk sulphuric acid in Super-B tankers – with

exception of a tow truck (being a passenger doesn’t count.)

Listening to Jason talk about the industry motivated me to help get the

wheels turning.

He has the right personality for the business and a great business sense.

His working knowledge of all aspects of the towing industry and the players

is phenomenal and necessary. He truly loves the job, even on those bad days,

he has the determination to make this work. We work well as a team, both of

us on the same page most of the time and willing to listen to each other. We

jumped in with both feet and there is no turning back now!!!